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0333137612    978-0333137611
The Year of the Badger

Molly Burkett: The Year of the Badger
Titel: The Year of the Badger

Schrijver: Burkett, Molly
Illustraties: Elisabeth Luard
Uitgever: Macmillan
Plaats van uitgifte: London
Jaar van uitgifte: 1972
ISBN-10: 0 333 13761 2
ISBN-13: 9780333137611
Bindwijze: Paperback
Formaat: 20 cm x 25 cm
Aantal bladzijden: 126
Taal: Engels
Genre: Kinderboek


No one thought the pathetic infant badger would survive. It was about six weeks old, barely eight inches long, and sparsely covered with black and white guard hairs. Its muzzle was still blunt and pink and soft, revealing that is was still relying on its mother's milk. Getting it to swallow from a dropper was a major undertaking. Forlorn and mud-caked, it lay whimpering in its box. The Burkett family wondered if it might not be more merciful to put it out of its misery. Love and patient care affected a near miracle - in the shape of a healthy, bounding, mischievous, and wholly lovable animal who share the Burketts' home for one rewarding, if at times difficult, year.
This true account of what it was like to have Nikki trundling around the house, whipping the laces out of the shoes of unsuspecting visitors, prying open the refrigerator door, or snoring comfortably in the armchair will delight all animal lovers.