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1854872427    978-1854872425
Life with Bluebell

Pauline Kidner: Life with Bluebell
Titel: Life with Bluebell

Schrijver: Kidner, Pauline
Uitgever: Robinson Publishing
Plaats van uitgifte: London
Jaar van uitgifte: 1993
ISBN-10: 1 854 87242 7
ISBN-13: 9781854872425
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Formaat: 16 cm x 24 cm
Aantal bladzijden: 184
Taal: Engels
Genre: Waargebeurd verhaal


Pauline Kidner lives on a small dairy farm in Somerset surrounded by the wild animals she has rescued and cared for over the years. A family of badgers - including Pauline's favourite, Bluebell - lives in the shed beside the milking parlour, foxes have the run of the tractor shed, Sammy the mink has a hut beside the front door, and there is a barn owl who once spent the night in a central London police cell.
Each chapter of Pauline's delightful book is devoted to an individual animal or a particular family of animals, and her heartwarming story of devotion to animal rescue is crammed full with unusual and hilarious anecdotes.
The author's sense of fun, love of animals and people, and her down-to-earth common sense shine through every page of this gorgeously illustrated book.
With a foreword by wildlife film maker Simon King.