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0816622663    978-0816622665
The Fisher - Life History, Ecology And Behavior

Roger A. Powell: The Fisher - Life History, Ecology And Behavior
Titel: The Fisher -
Life History, Ecology And Behavior

Schrijver: Powell, Roger A.
Uitgever: University of Minnesota Press
Plaats van uitgifte: Minneapolis
Jaar van uitgifte: 1994
ISBN-10: 0 816 62266 3
ISBN-13: 9780816622665
Bindwijze: Paperback
Formaat: 15,5 cm x 23,5 cm
Aantal bladzijden: 256
Taal: Engels
Genre: Wetenschappelijk


"The Fisher" offers an in-depth study of all that is known about fishers. Incorporating new research findings from the past decade in this revised edition, Roger A. Powell skilfully examines contemporary knowledge of fisher biology, ecology, and behaviour and places it in an evolutionary perspective that gives insight into how and why fishers evolved as they did. "The Fisher" offers a general introduction to the anatomy, reproduction, and development of the fisher, its population dynamics and the history of continent-wide population declines and recovery, habitat requirements, food and hunting behaviour, the predator-prey relationship between fishers and porcupines, spacing patterns and social organization, energetics, and conservation. "The Fisher" should be of interest to biologists and wildlife managers who work with fishers, martens, and other members of the weasel family, as well as the interested layperson.

Roger A. Powell has served as co-editor of books on mammal morphology and ecology and the ecology of martens and fishers, and is the author of numerous professional and popular articles on members of the weasel family and other mammals.