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295382202X    978-2953822021
Tiloin's Story

Virginie Boyaval: Tiloin's Story
Titel: Tiloin's Story

Schrijver: Boyaval, Virginie
Illustraties: Aurélia Pirsch
Uitgever: Association Meles
Plaats van uitgifte: Compiègne Cedex
Jaar van uitgifte: 2013
ISBN-10: 2 953 82202 X
ISBN-13: 9782953822021
Bindwijze: Paperback
Formaat: 18 cm x 11 cm
Aantal bladzijden: 63
Taal: Engels
Genre: Informatief / Kinderboek


An orphan cub tells its story from birth to adulthood. I decided to write this book in memory of Tiloin, the first badger cub I raised. Although I had been studying and observing badger families in the wild for more than seven years, it was thanks to the very special relationship I had with Tiloin that I learnt so much about badger behaviour and language. Today Tiloin lives in the wild with his fellow badgers. I hope he will live as long as possible. I will do all I can to continue to protect these members of the mustelidae family.