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The badger, from darkness to light

The badger, from darkness to light - Front cover

Front Cover

The badger, from darkness to light - Back cover

Back cover

Front coverBack cover
Titel: The badger, from darkness to light

Narrated by: Johann Rosset
Filmed by: Virginie Boyaval
Studio: Association Meles
Format: DVD
Genre: Documentary
Language: English (partially subtitled)
Release year: 2007
Running Time: 52 min.
EAN: n.v.t.
Special Features: Also available in French.
Title: "Le blaireau, de l'ombre à la lumière"
Music by Armand Amaz

Price: € 20,-
Available at: Association Meles

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"The badger, from darkness to light" is the result of many years of passion. This 52 minutes long documentary shows the present situation of badgers and the perception people have of them in France and in Europe. While explaining the behaviour and habitat of this species, this film is supported by a strong evidence on behalf of scientists, naturalists, farmers, hunters,... It's a plea for the legal protection of the badger in France.

  This DVD contains beautiful shots, not only of badgers but also for example of squirrels, roe deer, red deer and wild boar, and is edited with great care. The impressive and moving music by Armand Amaz makes this DVD all overwhelming.
This DVD also includes moving shots of a badger which is excavated by hunters and slain. This clip can be viewed below.