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Badger Watching In Britain

Badger Watching In Britain - Front cover

Front Cover

Badger Watching In Britain - Back cover

Back cover

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Titel: Badger Watching In Britain

Narrated by:
Filmed by:
Studio: Delta Home Entertainment
Format: DVD
Genre: Documentary
Language: English (no subtitles)
Release year: 2007
Running Time: 57 min.
EAN: 4006408946281
Special Features: Interactive menu

Price: £ 9,79
Available at: www.amazon.co.uk

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There are few people who can say they have watched wild badgers at play in a moonlit glade, but those who have will readily testify just what a magical experience this can be. Badgers are one of Britain's best-kept secret treasures and once seen, these elusive creatures will never be forgotten.

The pages of children's literature are full of wise old badgers and the folklore connected with these black and white animals give them an air of nostalgia that instils a disire in us all, town and country dwellers alike, to come face to face with badgers in their natural environment. It may seem an impossible dream, but thankfully with a little knowledge, a few traditional nature watching tricks and a great deal of patience, it's a wish that can come true of badger admirers of all ages.

"Badger Watching in Britain" will take you on a journey of discovery into the mysterious, moonlit world of these absolutely delightful creatures, while explaining in detail how to put together a badger watchting experience of your own. From where to look, right through what to wear, this programme is packed full of tips that will improve any nature watcher's chances of seeing badgers considerably, so let the magic of nostalgia take you back in time, to a place where the countryside is unspoilt and the wildlife flourishes.

  Much about how to observe, but only few images of badgers.